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Kunming JinJiang Hotel is an award winning four-star hotel. It has been awarded with various honors, including The 50 Best Star Hotels in China, Top100 Best Star Hotels in China, a role model of the National Youth Civilization Project.

Kunming Jinjiang Hotel is located in the center of the trade and business area of Kunming, which is known as the City of Spring. Featuring 320 rooms and suites,the hotel also provides multiple services including restaurants....more>>

住客评论 5021条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • cici7612
    Very good, near the train station, very convenient
  • blue_jeep
    Hotel facility slightly old. overall pretty good
  • liu_yanting
    Hotel services are good, convenient to the airport!
  • jj609
    Very good, convenient
  • arile0108
    , Has lived at Jinjiang Inn before, really value for money, big is big, no criticism, and was very satisfied with all aspects of, to Kunming in the future, rooms at Jin Jiang is my only choice!
  • duudbaby2006
    Hotel was clean, service was very good!
  • e00034880
    Very good location! railway station, if there is free breakfast would be better! breakfast good, give praise. will stay at this hotel next time will come.
  • aijia89263
    Which is very nice
  • e03550242
    Deputy House accommodation. hotel location!
  • goodxunmeng521
    Nice recommend staying at the hotel is near the train station
  • jameswangjiawen
  • cl3410
    Which is very nice
  • apple3664
    Hotel location is very good, Airport line Line 2 directly to the door, out the right direction straight to Kunming railway station 5 minutes; downstairs left side barbecue Street in the evening, eat supper easy; service is also very good, warm, although the facilities were old, but the service, location was good, next time will be selected.
  • e00342497
    Hotels near from the railway station, a ten minute walk, Hall is an air, room facilities, that this is not a four star standard, General hotel.
  • freelio
    Hotel facilities and the service are is good, distance railway station very near, price moderate, room slightly small, can accept. than Qian a late live of Kunming male Tycoon Hotel strong more has, and price also low, key is male industry Hotel back in construction, estimated to 1 years above, male industry hotel of rice was sold 6 Yuan a bowl, pay Shi immediately drunk has, resolutely abandoned male industry, input Jinjiang arms. friends directly to with to male Tycoon hotel of, no scheduled, so cannot reviews, onlyWell with Jin Jiang.
  • pepper809
    Before the room equipment is not good, as soon as we were upgraded to the main building, but the bathroom ventilation was poor.
  • enen0707
    Well, the transportation is convenient, is the breakfast is not good enough.
  • lancerlee_cw
    All right
  • lipico
    Surroundings a little bit cluttered, is close to the train station's sake. internal conditions are very good, the traffic is convenient.
  • a62561jp
    It's not bad
  • Jim6866
    It's OK
  • BennyDeng
    Which is very nice
  • meeyou
    Hotel is very good, breakfast was to force, is also a revolving restaurant, too much variety, the only downside is that I live in the central air conditioning hair dryer is broken only this night.
  • E02196549
    Go Kunming live, good! recommended!
  • bunnypy
    Lobby is beautiful, rooms OK, quilt cover is very hard, it is easy to make Kaka sounds
  • fortunestar
    Good facilities, good location
  • e00464935
    Hotel service is good, room is old-old, uncomfortable mattress, air conditioning, sound is a little big, but very close to train station, easy to train, we lived only breakfast is not included in the star hotel, thank you Hotel fruit and newspapers
  • guo6711039
    9 high performance-price ratio
  • caesar74
    Star hotel provides a good service, that is, facilities a bit dated
  • julienvineus
    Welcome to yogurt drink.
  • e_yup
    Hotel was excellent value, offer fresh seasonal fruits!
  • geminilou
    Like the Jinjiang hotel, Dong Zhujun one of my century old was my favorite autobiographies, have the opportunity to choose Jin Jiang.
  • e00256292
    Very good hotel, very detail-oriented, what brands. is also the recommendation of a friend, well. I will continue to recommend it to my friends.
  • o0 Xiao mi
    Outdated facilities of Windows Small
  • cammliwei
    Hotel is located in Kunming station near, from Lijiang SAT train back Kunming directly got off walk to hotel is near is convenient, hotel downstairs is airport bus night to airport also is convenient. live of standard between, room within is clean, also sent has fruit and local specialty yogurt is good drink, hotel of staff are is has courtesy service is thoughtful, anyway the aspects are is satisfaction, live of very pleasant, full marks praise-
  • e02224229
    Nice in the lobby, but conditions in the room, room was small.
  • afu121
    Hotel location is very good, both to the train station or the airport so very convenient. rooms are very good. blessed according to the first floor of the hotel building steam pot chicken, eat very convenient ... recommended!
  • aifei89
    Waiters clean lines, called Chen Huifen, socks, they are helping my buddy, and around convenience, small hotel room, renovation of old
  • PaulTsou
    Rooms are neat and clean, area is large enough, inside is very new. praise!
  • andypeter
    Located near the railway station, airport bus Line 2 subway station, for trains, airplanes are a good choice. the hotel itself has catering, accommodation, entertainment, integrated facilities, external traffic is very convenient. entertain very friendly waiter service, for the guests is also finished.
  • bw007
    Live here all the time, very nice!
  • leeinx
    Travel facilities, a 5-minute walk from the train station, downstairs you can take the Airport Express line. good sound insulation, quality service, sending fruit and yogurt. extra bed mattress too soft, the timely replacement of the mat.
  • tangxyang
    Nice hotel
  • ALAN50323
    Hotels in good health, good service, good facilities, good location, live again.
  • carlye
    Great location, very convenient. hundreds of meters from the railway station, in front there is an airport bus. jinbi square and the Dianchi Lake, near to the bus station. as the price for a four star hotel can. gave them fruit, efficiency was also high at the front desk.
  • b_____b
    Aspects also. to airport was very convenient.
  • liuxu888888
    Hotel in railway station next, is airport bus 2nd, b line of Terminal. I live of room layer high too low, is uncomfortable, may other your points of room type should compared good's. night in Hotel floor front see was and driver fight, then has a that hood patrol police to had, was Dang didn't saw, this police I is drunk has shaped with exist. on this city of impression moments destroyed has, again plus railway station out had thing, and met such of police, quickly back hotel rest has.
  • d04993858
    Stayed many times, more convenient transportation, it is recommended
  • aiyoutianyia
    Health hotel, facilities were old, and beds are too small.